World´s best bread recipe

My housewife game is strong these days. So strong that I am even making up my own bread recipes.OH! Here is my favourite one! Enjoy and comment below what you think! 800ml milk 200g wheat bran 300g rye flour 4.handfull each of: barley wheat germ oats linseeds   200ml milk 1 cube yeast/ 1 packet … Continue reading World´s best bread recipe

Vegan Pomegranate Fudge

This easy, no-bake treat is not only delicious but also vegan and has a low GI. The original recipe is from Susan Jane White´s cookbook  'The Extra Virgin Kitchen'  and I changed it slightly. Here´s the recipe for you guys, let me know what you think in the comments below. x, M.   What you´ll … Continue reading Vegan Pomegranate Fudge

Series I am loving at the moment

The Man in the High Castle Loosely based on the history novel written by Philip K. Dick & grips you from the first minute. Set in the 60´s, this dystopia is about how life would have happened if Germany and Japan won the Second World War. Produced by Amazon Studios and available on Amazon Prime. … Continue reading Series I am loving at the moment

Learn a language in record time

An ex-boyfriend once called me "soulless" so I freaked out, googled and found this proverb. That´s how I started learning different languages. Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know and if you learn a new language you will get a new soul. ‒Czech proverb Jokes aside, I love … Continue reading Learn a language in record time

As Irish as Bono!

  I have lived 8 years in Ireland and even though it was a love/hate relationship at times, thinking about all the memories fills my heart with joy ( okay, it also lets me shiver sometimes as well). Here are 13 fun facts about Ireland that are as Irish as it gets!   Cursing There is no … Continue reading As Irish as Bono!

Walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela – Questions explained

There were so many Q´s I asked myself before going on my Pilgrimage and many people asked me lots of questions when I returned so I thought I´ll write everything down for people to read! Hope it´s helpful! x, M. For anyone not knowing anything about it, the Camino is a pilgrimage to the remains … Continue reading Walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela – Questions explained