Series I am loving at the moment

The Man in the High Castle

Loosely based on the history novel written by Philip K. Dick & grips you from the first minute.

Set in the 60´s, this dystopia is about how life would have happened if Germany and Japan won the Second World War.

Produced by Amazon Studios and available on Amazon Prime.

2 Seasons, 20 episodes

If you like history, you´re going to love this series.


Historical drama series about – as the title already suggests- about Vikings (duh!) and more precisely about the famous viking Ragnar Lodbrok.

4 seasons, 46 episodes in total and a 5th season is in the making ( yay!).

For fans of Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings.

Penny Dreadful

With Eva Green & Josh Hartness, this horror drama series is set in Victorian England and draws upon characters like Dorian Gray and Frankenstein.

3 seasons, 27 episodes in total, 4th season is being released soon.

For lovers of horror movies.


Drama series about famous columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, and the efforts of the American Drug Enforcement Agency on how to catch him.

2 seasons, 10 episodes each. Renewed for 3rd and 4th season.

If you like Crime, mafia movies and Breaking Bad, this is for you!


What series are you watching at the moment? Comment below!

x, M.



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